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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

May 24, 2015

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips plays major role to get more traffic to your blog or website from search engines. IF SEO is not done properly to your blog means you are missing huge traffic. Top  Search Engine Optimization tips (SEO) i am discussing here can make significant difference on your blog pages if you follow them.

1. Do SEO properly to your blog. if you don’t have SEO knowledge, i suggest you to hire SEO services or buy a SEO Tool.

2. Make sure your premalinks are search engine friendly. Don’t use special characters in your URL.

3. Ensure your content is unique with high quality. Frequent updating of your content will help search engines to index your pages.

4. Find out your competitors by seeing which sites are ranking on the first page of search engines for the keywords that your blog try to rank.

5. Focus on both on-site Search Engine Optimization and off-site Search Engine Optimization because both are important.

6. The page titles must contain keywords and phrases to improve your rankings.

7. The meta description should contain the primary keyword and phrase.

8. Add some appropriate outbound links to the pages.

9. Your content of the blog post must be minimum 300 words.

10. Maintain keyword density in your content, but don’t try to stuff keywords unnecessarily.

11. Follow the Google webmaster tools, this will give you proper insights on what to do and what not to do.

12. Try building high quality back links to your blog or website.

13. Create your profile in all popular social networks and try to leave your links there.

14. Remove unnecessary and unwanted out bound links.

15. Remember to use header tags like H1 and H2 in your content.

16. Prefer popular web hosting for your blog, this will increase your page loading time faster.

17. Use a responsive theme for your blog. This will help your blog to be compatible with all major browsers and as well as in screen resolution also.

18. Check for broken links in your blog or website and remove it frequently if you find some.

19. Follow the updates of search engines algorithms and restructure your blog according to the updated algorithms.

20. Add images, videos and rich multimedia content frequently to your blog.

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Traffic Generation

How to increase blog traffic

May 16, 2015

How to increase blog traffic is a million dollar question?

There are millions of beautiful blogs in the internet. Everyday there are thousands of blogs continuously added to the internet. But all blogs don’t receive equal amount of traffic why?  The reason is many blog owners don’t follow some kinds of traffic generation strategies to increase traffic to their blogs. Many people think that if they  create blog, they will get traffic automatically. This assumption is wrong. Even though the blog is well designed and added with rich content still it is difficult to attract traffic. There will not be any growth to  blog or website without traffic. By learning and adopting some traffic generation strategies you can get some free and paid traffic to your blog. Below you can find some common traffic generating strategies.

 SEO – means search engine optimization. There are many popular search engines in the internet. By optimizing properly your blog pages, you would gain more natural traffic from search engines. You need to master the techniques in doing SEO. Once you can do SEO properly to your blog pages your pages will be indexed in the search engines resulting in increasing your page ranks. The ranked pages will be display in the first pages of the search engines. This will give more visibility to your blog for millions of people. Thus increasing traffic to your blog. If you cannot do the SEO, you can always hire a SEO expert or buy SEO tools  to optimize your blog pages.

Email Marketing – This is another way to increase your blog traffic. The best part of this strategy is you can place a lead collection opt-in page on your blog to collect leads. So, that you can send  emails to your members informing them when you  post a new blog post. You can also send weekly or monthly news letters to all your members. This will increase your blog traffic with repeated visitors. You may find free and paid email marketing services also.

Social networking – Using social networks is always good idea to promote your blog. All you need to do is being active in all popular social networks. Promoting your blog in social networks is free. You may also find paid social networks where you can advertise about your blog. The social networks are very potential places with real people. Traffic from social networks may be viral in nature to attract more traffic.

Link Building – Linking building is another awesome method to get traffic to your blog. The more back links for your blog means more traffic to your blog.

Traffic Analytic’s – Just traffic building to your blog is not enough to become successful.  The continuous monitoring of your blog traffic, understanding and analyzing your traffic will yield you fruit full results. This means understanding, how you are getting the traffic and its behavior is more important.  For example, on which blog pages more traffic is landing, what is the entry page and exit page of traffic etc. By  understanding properly this analytic’s you can customize all your pages to receive good amount of traffic.

Here i explained briefly about different traffic generating strategies. Stay tuned for more posts on the above topics in coming days.

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Write owned content become successful blogger

May 15, 2015

Why you should write owned content become successful blogger?

Writing your content is a key to become a successful blogger. There is a huge difference between writing a blog post with your content or just simply copying others content. The blogs with unique and quality content always receive a good page rank. The top page rank blog posts or webpages are quickly indexed in popular search engines. These indexed pages will be shown in first pages of the search engines. This will provide a gateway to receive more organic traffic to your blog. So, if you want to become successful blogger never ever copy the content from other blogs or websites. If you copy others content and paste on your blog, search engines like Google will penalize your blog for duplicate content. In this case, your blogs page rank will go down and you will miss the search engines organic traffic. Buying cheap PLR articles are also not  good idea, which do the same thing of duplicate content in the internet. You may buy PLR articles which are unique and sell to you only.

Here are some tips to write blog posts on your own. Before you start writing a blog post first select catchy title for your blog post. Once the title is selected, do some research on that topic in internet or refer some books. This will give you better idea on how to write a blog  post on the selected title. It’s good to focus on the subject on which you are writing the blog post. The more focus you keep the more chances to write a mesmerizing blog post. Use some humor in your blog posts which always attract your readers attention. Don’t worry if you are not a professional in writing. A blog post written in simple English which can easily understood by your reader is enough. The reason i am telling like this is today’s professional writer’s are once an ordinary writer only. Vice versa, today’s ordinary writers will become one day a professional writer. Practice makes you prefect.

I suggest you to keep your post short and sweet, instead of a long story. Too much information may be boring to your readers. Once finished writing your blog post, take some break and relax for some time. One you are back with fresh mind, read the entire post to check for any errors or grammatical mistakes. Once you follow these simple tips you are ready with a great article for your blog.

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How to write first blog post

May 10, 2015

How to write first blog post should be known by a blogger

Writing a first blog post is a memorable event in a bloggers life. All bloggers should enjoy every moment while writing each word and sentence in their first blog post. But many new bloggers doesn’t know what and how they should write in their first blog. That is the reason, i wrote this blog post for helping all the new bloggers to give proper insights in writing their first blog post.

Introduce yourself

Give a suitable title for your first blog post some thing like “My first blog post”  or  “Welcome to my first blog post”. The first blog post should contain brief introduction about yourself and your business. so the readers visiting to your blog will understand what exactly your blog is about. The more information you are willing to share about you and your blog, will make easier for your blog visitors to trust you. Trust between you and your blog visitors help your blog to get returning visitors.

Explain why you are blogging and what you are blogging

Explain briefly why you are blogging and what you will be blogging about. And why visitors should come to your blog. Be creative on sharing your thoughts on your blog subject with your readers. Infact, the readers of your blog may be more interested if you teach them skills which are related to the niche in which they are looking for. All you need to do is get your readers immerse and engage with your first blog post.

Know your audience

Writing your blog post with readers mind is always worthy. Ask questions for yourselves why the visitors should read your blog.  Be precise with your blog post, the ideal blog post should be between 300 – 500 words. In exceptional cases make it below 800 words depending on the nature of the subject. Anything more than the mentioned words will give bore to your readers and will lose interest in your blog posts.

Share related valuable links

Instead of ending the blog post without any links share links to other websites. This will help your readers to navigate through related sources of information and also shows them that, you care about their needs.  Readers always respect and appreciate your blog if you provide them links with related sources of information. Start your own Blog.

Take your own time

Be cool and comfort before you start writing your first blog post. This will help you to write a amazing first blog post. Take your own time in writing instead of doing it in hurry bury.