Affiliate Marketing Programs

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting products of other people’s or company’s. In this process one or more affiliates are rewarded by some percentage of the commission for each sale done by own marketing efforts. The affiliates commission structure may vary from company to company and product to product. The charm of the affiliate marketing programs are you can get a free affiliate membership.  Once you are accepted as affiliate by a company you can start promoting their products.  As an affiliate you don’t need to put efforts in creating products. All you need to do is to promote a product of Merchant which is offered through an affiliate network. Off-course, you need to invest some time to promote the product online or offline by using various marketing strategies to make sales. As an affiliate you will be given an unique affiliate ID which is tagged to your Affiliate links and banners. This tagging of your affiliate id will identify when ever a sale is made through your Affiliate link. Usually many companies will pay affiliate commissions monthly or fortnight. So any body who is having little knowledge about internet marketing can start earning money online instantly. This will help to support yourself and your family also.

What is Affiliate Network?

The Affiliate networks acts as third party between publishers and a company. It allows the publishers to participate in the affiliate marketing programs which best suits for their website for promotion. Publishers are also called affiliates. These affiliates could join affiliate networks for free, where as the merchants need to pay some fee to the affiliate networks to join. Affiliate networks provides merchants reporting tools and access to the affiliates. Affiliates are provided products information and promotion tools in which they are interested. They also provided with the reporting tools of earnings, payments and APIs. Most of the merchant programs have a revenue sharing model. Popular Internet Marketing tools that will help you to become successful Affiliates.

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Affiliate Management services

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