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What is Money Earning Blog Online?

Money, Money, Money where does the money hidden online, how to make ‘Money Earning Blog Online’ is a million dollar secret all the time through out the world. Millions of people show interest in Money Earning Online. But is that simple what people think about Money Earning Blog Online. The answer is Yes/No. Yes, for the people who try to learn and master the hidden secrets in earning money online. No for the people who cannot master the open secret of earning money online. The real fact is that, there is no quick rich way of Money Earning Blog Online. If some program in internet says you will become rich over night means you need to assume it is a scam. If you want to invest in any internet program think twice before you do, else you may end up in scam loosing your hard earned money. Continue reading to find the legitimate way to earn money online. You need to understand and master  the skills to earn decent income for longer time.

Most of the people who are new to the online marketing or internet marketing confused about the blog and the website. Blog is similar to a website, Blog contains posts with text, pictures and videos etc, where the website contains web pages with text, pictures, videos and any kind of multimedia content. The aim and goal of both blogs and websites are providing quality content to their users who are visiting to their blogs or websites. Making money by blogging is possible? Absolutely  yes, first you need to learn how to create a blog. Blog could be created in 2 ways like you can create free blog using or and you could also create a self hosted blog by investing some money for your own domain name, paid blog hosting, themes and plugins etc. As i mentioned you can create a free blog, but you cannot own to get your own domain name for example, instead you will get a sub-domain name like if you used blogger to create your Money Earning Blog Online. You will not be the owner of this blog property and you don’t have control over this blog, your blog may be deleted at any time by the moderators if they think your blog is not fit to their terms and conditions. All your time, hard work and effort on creating your Money Earning Blog Online will be wasted suddenly. If you are totally new for creating a blog it is good to create a free blog and learn about blogging with out spending a single dime. Once you learn the basic blogging and feel to own a blog it is wise to start creating a self hosted blog.

 How to create a self hosted blog?

Creating a self hosted blog is really simple, all you need is your own domain name, blog hosting, themes and plugins etc. There are several popular domain selling website like  Hostgator where you can buy the domain name, web and blog hosting also. Then need to buy some premium themes for the blog, depending on what kind of blog you are interested to start. Selection of theme and understanding the framework on which the theme is built is important for further development and updating your blog in future. Most of the blogs are set up on WordPress due to its simplicity and flexibility to update the blogs with few mouse clicks.   Installing the Money Earning Blog Online on WordPress can be done in 2 ways like simple one click installation or manual installation, it is up to you what you choose. One click installation is good for the beginners who are interested to set up their first blog. Once you are done with the WordPress Money Earning Blog Online installation you are ready to post your first blog post from your WordPress admin panel.

You can also add some ads to your blog like Google Adsense or private ads, which will earn money when some one who visits your website and click on your ads, Care should be taken not to click on your own ads because you will violate Google Adsene terms and conditions which may result in terminating your Google Adsense account. The more quality content you add to your blog, the more chances your blog will be ranked high in search engines, resulting your blog will be picked by top search engines worldwide and you will receive more traffic to your blog. More traffic means more money you will be earning from your blog. There are several online and offline marketing methods to promote your blog for getting more traffic. All you need to master in different blog promoting methods. As it is well known fact that traffic is the life for any blog or website. This practice will help you to earn decent income for much longer time legitimately from Money Earning Blog Online. Popular Internet Marketing Resources and Tools to build your successful blog or website.

Disclosure:  This Blog/website consists of affiliate links. I earn some percentage of commission when any visitor to this blog/website click on the links and make a purchase. I honestly, suggest these below popular internet marketing resources and tools basing on my research on internet and best of my knowledge. A suggestion to all the visitors of my site depending on your need use your due diligence while making any purchase.

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