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How to write first blog post

May 10, 2015

How to write first blog post should be known by a blogger

Writing a first blog post is a memorable event in a bloggers life. All bloggers should enjoy every moment while writing each word and sentence in their first blog post. But many new bloggers doesn’t know what and how they should write in their first blog. That is the reason, i wrote this blog post for helping all the new bloggers to give proper insights in writing their first blog post.

Introduce yourself

Give a suitable title for your first blog post some thing like “My first blog post”  or  “Welcome to my first blog post”. The first blog post should contain brief introduction about yourself and your business. so the readers visiting to your blog will understand what exactly your blog is about. The more information you are willing to share about you and your blog, will make easier for your blog visitors to trust you. Trust between you and your blog visitors help your blog to get returning visitors.

Explain why you are blogging and what you are blogging

Explain briefly why you are blogging and what you will be blogging about. And why visitors should come to your blog. Be creative on sharing your thoughts on your blog subject with your readers. Infact, the readers of your blog may be more interested if you teach them skills which are related to the niche in which they are looking for. All you need to do is get your readers immerse and engage with your first blog post.

Know your audience

Writing your blog post with readers mind is always worthy. Ask questions for yourselves why the visitors should read your blog.  Be precise with your blog post, the ideal blog post should be between 300 – 500 words. In exceptional cases make it below 800 words depending on the nature of the subject. Anything more than the mentioned words will give bore to your readers and will lose interest in your blog posts.

Share related valuable links

Instead of ending the blog post without any links share links to other websites. This will help your readers to navigate through related sources of information and also shows them that, you care about their needs.  Readers always respect and appreciate your blog if you provide them links with related sources of information. Start your own Blog.

Take your own time

Be cool and comfort before you start writing your first blog post. This will help you to write a amazing first blog post. Take your own time in writing instead of doing it in hurry bury.