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Email lists Safe Lists

August 23, 2015

Email lists Safe Lists

People joins many new online programs daily with hope of earning money online. But, they don’t know where to advertise their programs ads and make sales. So, the importance of Traffic from Email lists Safe Lists plays vital role. I suggest everyone that, all of you must test safe lists and email lists for which one will work best for you and gives better results. One, can become expert by testing themselves all popular safe lists and email lists. How to identify the top safe lists and email lists? The secret is here, mainly try to stick with sites with 300-500k Alexa rank or better. I am providing links below for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers to download an extension called Alexa sparky.

These extensions to browsers that lets you quickly see what is the website’s Alexa rank. Still this only tells you how much traffic a site gets based on other sites being monitored by Alexa. So you can’t trust 100% on it. But these sites are best choices to pick and select safe lists & email lists. One more tip is when any new safe lists and email lists are launching, it is good to be member of it. Because when any new site opens first, people rush in to join, so they are likely to be active for at least a little while until people give up on it. Also there is no point in trying to figure out which ones are the best. Until and unless you plan to upgrade in at least a few you decide are the best. Because most still only let you send to 1000 members or less as a free member. So the “good vs bad” is not so different if you are only sending to .1% of their list.

In an Interview with “Brian Zens”, USA, the support tech of “Listjoe, Listbonus, Listadventure and bweeble” say’s,

Lately we’ve been getting the most from listjoe, listbonus and bweeble too. But I think we get less from bweeble because we reach most people pretty quickly. If you can reach everyone regularly meaning, new people who come in each week or so. Listbonus, has picked up quite a bit lately. We doubled the number of people you can send to in bweeble. Fully upgraded members can hit 15,000 (almost everyone) ever 2 days, if you have the credits. We’ve added a bunch of credit prizes. so if you read emails and pay attention you can get tons of credits without buying a ton, if you are upgraded. Well, you can still win credits the same if you are free, it’s just not as good if you can’t spend them. I’ve always gotten the best results with our sites.

But again that might just be my results, promoting what I promote. Everyone’s variable is different at that stage of the game. That’s why, only the evidence you can produce could be what you gauge your decisions on big companies spend millions on advertising. Some of it is for the purpose of failing because, if they didn’t test it all they wouldn’t know where to spend the most. The most whether it’s the “million scale” or the hundred scale still the same scale. So, every internet marketer should take advantage of Traffic from Email lists Safe Lists.

Caution: While any body using Traffic from Email lists and Safe Lists for adsense please refer to Google adsense TOS.

Disclosure: This Blog/website consists of affiliate links. I earn some percentage of commission when any visitor to this blog/website click on the links and make a purchase. I honestly, suggest these below popular internet marketing resources and tools basing on my research on internet and best of my knowledge. A suggestion to all the visitors of my site depending on your need use your due diligence while making any purchase.


Traffic Generation

How to increase blog traffic

May 16, 2015

How to increase blog traffic is a million dollar question?

There are millions of beautiful blogs in the internet. Everyday there are thousands of blogs continuously added to the internet. But all blogs don’t receive equal amount of traffic why?  The reason is many blog owners don’t follow some kinds of traffic generation strategies to increase traffic to their blogs. Many people think that if they  create blog, they will get traffic automatically. This assumption is wrong. Even though the blog is well designed and added with rich content still it is difficult to attract traffic. There will not be any growth to  blog or website without traffic. By learning and adopting some traffic generation strategies you can get some free and paid traffic to your blog. Below you can find some common traffic generating strategies.

 SEO – means search engine optimization. There are many popular search engines in the internet. By optimizing properly your blog pages, you would gain more natural traffic from search engines. You need to master the techniques in doing SEO. Once you can do SEO properly to your blog pages your pages will be indexed in the search engines resulting in increasing your page ranks. The ranked pages will be display in the first pages of the search engines. This will give more visibility to your blog for millions of people. Thus increasing traffic to your blog. If you cannot do the SEO, you can always hire a SEO expert or buy SEO tools  to optimize your blog pages.

Email Marketing – This is another way to increase your blog traffic. The best part of this strategy is you can place a lead collection opt-in page on your blog to collect leads. So, that you can send  emails to your members informing them when you  post a new blog post. You can also send weekly or monthly news letters to all your members. This will increase your blog traffic with repeated visitors. You may find free and paid email marketing services also.

Social networking – Using social networks is always good idea to promote your blog. All you need to do is being active in all popular social networks. Promoting your blog in social networks is free. You may also find paid social networks where you can advertise about your blog. The social networks are very potential places with real people. Traffic from social networks may be viral in nature to attract more traffic.

Link Building – Linking building is another awesome method to get traffic to your blog. The more back links for your blog means more traffic to your blog.

Traffic Analytic’s – Just traffic building to your blog is not enough to become successful.  The continuous monitoring of your blog traffic, understanding and analyzing your traffic will yield you fruit full results. This means understanding, how you are getting the traffic and its behavior is more important.  For example, on which blog pages more traffic is landing, what is the entry page and exit page of traffic etc. By  understanding properly this analytic’s you can customize all your pages to receive good amount of traffic.

Here i explained briefly about different traffic generating strategies. Stay tuned for more posts on the above topics in coming days.

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