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Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

May 24, 2015

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips plays major role to get more traffic to your blog or website from search engines. IF SEO is not done properly to your blog means you are missing huge traffic. Top  Search Engine Optimization tips (SEO) i am discussing here can make significant difference on your blog pages if you follow them.

1. Do SEO properly to your blog. if you don’t have SEO knowledge, i suggest you to hire SEO services or buy a SEO Tool.

2. Make sure your premalinks are search engine friendly. Don’t use special characters in your URL.

3. Ensure your content is unique with high quality. Frequent updating of your content will help search engines to index your pages.

4. Find out your competitors by seeing which sites are ranking on the first page of search engines for the keywords that your blog try to rank.

5. Focus on both on-site Search Engine Optimization and off-site Search Engine Optimization because both are important.

6. The page titles must contain keywords and phrases to improve your rankings.

7. The meta description should contain the primary keyword and phrase.

8. Add some appropriate outbound links to the pages.

9. Your content of the blog post must be minimum 300 words.

10. Maintain keyword density in your content, but don’t try to stuff keywords unnecessarily.

11. Follow the Google webmaster tools, this will give you proper insights on what to do and what not to do.

12. Try building high quality back links to your blog or website.

13. Create your profile in all popular social networks and try to leave your links there.

14. Remove unnecessary and unwanted out bound links.

15. Remember to use header tags like H1 and H2 in your content.

16. Prefer popular web hosting for your blog, this will increase your page loading time faster.

17. Use a responsive theme for your blog. This will help your blog to be compatible with all major browsers and as well as in screen resolution also.

18. Check for broken links in your blog or website and remove it frequently if you find some.

19. Follow the updates of search engines algorithms and restructure your blog according to the updated algorithms.

20. Add images, videos and rich multimedia content frequently to your blog.

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